January 17, 2016

North Point

I regret that it's been almost two years since I posted a photo and story. Life has been busy, so I thought I would post a photo from the place I use to go every summer for a break from the busy—Block Island. Every time someone sees my maroon sweatshirt and either recognizes Block Island or asks me where it is, I recall all the great experiences and memories I've had there, and miss it a little bit more. I took this photo on the one occasion that I walked all the way to the north point of the island, which seems to keep going and going. You must walk past the end of the road, past the lighthouse, and then keep walking. There, at the tip of it all, eastbound waves crash together with westbound waves, splashing up almost like a rooster tail behind a motorboat. It feels strange, like the water before you is unsettled, unsure of what it should be doing.